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Raising the Bar for a Corporate Function

As someone in a leadership role, you take the mission of your company seriously, and want your employees to do the same. But you don’t need a stuffy or run-of-the-mill corporate function to convey your high expectations for a strong work ethic. Sure, a sit-down dinner is a reliable way for coworkers to engage in small talk and listen to an inspiring speech or two, but how well do they truly know one another—and understand the value that they can bring to your business—by the end of the evening? If you want to get people up and moving, sharing their visions for success and making plans to execute them, book a date with Warehouse XI! We provide a versatile, high-class space that offers endless possibilities for learning, bonding, and celebrating.

Corporate events are unique opportunities for exercising creative license. Companies can vary greatly in terms of their goals, and it is our pleasure to help them achieve the right atmosphere for any of the following occasions.

• Employee training days • Workshops • Lectures • Day retreats to promote team-building • Holiday and retirement parties • Department bridal and baby showers • Work anniversaries

No matter your reason for renting Warehouse XI, you will want to be able to arrange the space to maximize efficiency and comfort, and our facility makes it easy for you to do so. For a corporate party, you might consider a buffet and bench seating, or a bar and tall cocktail tables. For a training exercise or a workshop, try designating multiple areas for break-out sessions and tutorials with circles of cozy armchairs. For a party, set up a lounge area with bean bags and games in order to break the ice and spur conversation. And, of course, there is always room in Warehouse XI for a dance floor! Whether your preference is a casual vibe or a dressy affair, you will find no restrictions with our venue.

We strive to make your event planning as easy as possible by placing the power in your hands. Most likely, over the course of your career, you have developed relationships with vendors that you trust; we welcome you to use caterers that you already know and use on a daily basis. We also invite you to take your time with setting up, hosting, and cleaning up after your event. Instead of paying an hourly rate for our space, which can lead to overtime charges when an event runs later than predicted, you will receive full-day use of Warehouse XI for the fee that we charge. If you decide you do need assistance with organizing your gathering, we have a list of reputable event planners at the ready. Every one of these experts is familiar with our space and can transform it to fit your company’s vision.

We assume that if you are committed to spending time with your employees beyond office walls, you truly want to impress them. You also want to deliver the message that you honor their time and care about their well-being. Selecting Warehouse XI for your corporate functions will show your employees that their satisfaction with the company climate is a top priority. Call us to discuss your options!

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