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Congratulations – you’re getting married!

There are so many decisions to make when you plan your wedding, but the first one is perhaps the most important – finding the right venue.

Where your wedding is held really matters. A wedding is more than just a legal ceremony; it’s a social and community event, bringing together friends and family to celebrate your special day with you, support you, and to bond together as well. It’s more than solemn vows; it’s the ultimate celebration of love and perhaps the only time in your life that all of your friends and family will be in the same place.

You want the venue for your reception to be special. Magical. You want it to reflect both of your tastes, and you want the space to enhance the event. You want it to feel like the perfect frame around your day.

You want a space that resonates with you. Another “Yes!” that will climax in “I Do.”

There’s no amount of decor that can transform a hotel ballroom into what you’re hoping for. A banquet room will always feel like a banquet room – but our space can be turned into whatever you’d like. Warehouse XI is fresh, different, modern and bright. A venue for the 21st century – not something that’ll remind you of your parents’ wedding venue.

Warehouse XI is the only industrial warehouse venue in close proximity to Boston proper. With our high ceilings, oversized glass windows and white brick walls, it’s the perfect backdrop for your event.

We have one large warehouse space, a lounge space and a VIP/dressing room, making it a versatile space capable of being set up and transformed as you see fit. With a capacity of 150, it’s both large enough and intimate enough for almost any celebration. Depending on your vision, our space can be cool/edgy, artsy/funky, rustic/country, romantic/dreamy, or classic/timeless. The possibilities are infinite.

WXI is a small, woman-owned business and we take the time to get to know all of our clients individually. We can help connect you with different vendors that fit your vision as we have been in the industry over four years and have personal relationships with wedding professionals in every field.

We hope that you’ll come meet us in person and walk through the space where you’ll start the next chapter of your life.

Weddings & Receptions

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