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Your fitness business could be bigger than the gym. Break out of the rut, and watch your business grow.

Why limit fitness classes to a gym?

Fitness, wellness and lifestyle enhancement classes are too important to be restricted to the health club.

As a fitness professional, you know how important it is to create good habits in your clients. The trouble is that it’s hard to break all those old, bad habits.

It’s hard to break out of the rut.

Sometimes, what works best is to change things up. A new environment provides new cues, and helps break the cycle of repeating unhelpful patterns.

Simply put, fitness and wellness are too important to be tied to a gym.

If you really want to energize your clients and help them get excited about making real changes in their lives, take your fitness classes out of the gym! Warehouse XI offers a perfect space for you, whether you teach yoga, pilates, dance, cardio, bootcamp, martial arts, kickboxing, meditation, or even
sumo wrestling!

Maybe you’re thinking of a one-time pop-up, to introduce new classes? Or maybe you’d like to find a space to hold regular classes, where you can build a community, share your work, and expand your client base? In either case, Warehouse XI has got the perfect space for you.

With an open, airy, well-lit space that’s completely different from a gym environment, you can create or extend your brand in a way not possible before. Our space has a trendy, industrial feel to it, with white brick walls and oversized windows letting in the light. It’s infinitely customizable to create the atmosphere you want. Create a high-energy zone with lights and music, even a DJ, to make your clients’ workouts into a party. Or, bring the energy and the lights down low, for guided meditation. Or, do it all! Our space is large enough for different stations – cardio, weight-lifting, dance in one section, and stretching and meditation in another.

The possibilities are endless. Create an all-day fitness camp. Offer an educational workshop on how to achieve difficult goals. Introduce a new type of workout, or your own unique combination of moves from different approaches.

By hosting your fitness event at Warehouse XI, you’re already breaking out of the rut. A new, exciting environment can help your clients get excited again. Fitness is too important to be restricted to the gym. Break all the expectations, and give your fitness business a boost.

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