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Planning a corporate event takes a bit of magic.

Blending aspects of a social party with a business meeting, a corporate event can be tough to pull off successfully. You want people to have fun and enjoy themselves, but at the same time, you have an agenda and goals for the event. You’re hoping that, by breaking people out of their individual little boxes and bringing them together, they will discover ways of sharing expertise, information and resources. This synergy can enhance success and productivity across your company.

But how can you achieve these goals and expectations? The first step is to set the proper mood.

Picking a dull, boring, bland, cookie-cutter space for your corporate event in Boston isn’t likely to lead to powerful insights and breakthroughs. Space does set the mood, in a thousand ways we don’t always notice at first. But setting the stage properly is key to achieving the results you’re hoping for.

It’s not that the magic can’t happen unless the stage is set right…. But it sure helps.

If you want your people to see things in a fresh way, start with a fresh place.

Warehouse XI is a unique space. It’s close to Boston, and it’s about as far from Ballroom A as you can get.

We’ve got high ceilings, oversize glass windows, and white brick walls. Our flexible space makes it easy for you to arrange the space to maximize efficiency and comfort, and to personalize it. For a corporate party, for example, you might consider a buffet and bench seating, or a bar and tall cocktail tables. For a training exercise or a workshop, try designating multiple areas for break-out sessions and tutorials with circles of cozy armchairs.

The result is a space that feels modern, fresh, energized; open, airy yet focused. The place itself expects that this will be a great event, and the people pick up on that. There’s a buzz.

Corporate Events

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