About the Founder

Peggy was born in Ireland. The oldest of seven children, taking charge and running the show became second nature. She moved to Boston in her thirties and it’s been her home ever since! Over time, her drive and creativity led her to run two businesses, one based in Cambridge and one based in Somerville. Taking a risk on an empty industrial space in Union Square, Peggy threw herself into the transformation of a run-down warehouse space into a venue that is equal parts urban and minimalist. With a background in staging and real estate, she saw the potential in the unrivaled natural light, concrete floors and brick walls as a space that could be a blank canvas and fresh, light, new venue experience like nothing else in Boston. Peggy officially launched Warehouse XI in 2015 with the belief that it could be a space for anyone and everyone – artists, non-profits, film and video professionals, friends and lovers. She works tirelessly to update Warehouse XI throughout the year and to ensure that everyone who comes through the space has a beautiful and memorable experience.

Photo Credit: Marcela Plosker Photography